Stanley Bennett grew up in a one goat town, and that goat was scared. He used to go to school in a one room school house where he had to walk up hill both ways in the blisstering heat and across glacial ice. That goat sure came in handy for crossing canyons that periodically opened in the path, which prevented the goatless children from getting a proper education.

Later in life Stan and some friends formed a band. Metal in the purest sense of the word. Many fans required plastic surgery after experiencing the face melting rock of this band. While rocking Stan met a really cool chick. After a show, her face remained intact. Stan was in shock, he must try harder.

After turmoil in life and career Stan wound up as a powder coater. Sure he was still playing with metal but now he was covering it up with pretty colors. Could it be? Was he going soft as a summer fruit basket in the fall? Hardly, the metal lived on within, waiting while the creative juices were building behind the damn that is work.

One day, one spare piece of metal was about to be tossed aside. Suddenly the pieces fell into place. With a grinder, a torch, and that tool on the wall that every shop has, but no-one knows what it is really for Stan began to work on the metal. He couldn't stop. The metal within was finally in tune with the metal on the work bench. Images flowed, the metal cried out for release. You have witnessed a small portion of the imagry that is born of this glorious match, and thanks to the creative forces you can enjoy the artwork for generations to come.

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